The Peacock

Thursday, March 14, 2019


Standing beside "Afterglow" a big 30x38" oil painting on double primed canvas. Since this a profile pic, the painting is chopped. I'll post the full imagine below. (Warning: I clean up alright. This is a photoshoot. So if you see me out in person, I'm going to look like a homeless bum). 😁👍

The Wise One

Here's a sneak peek of a page from my upcoming fantasy book. I'm currently working on poetry for each painting. 

Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Hour of The Nightingale

"The Hour of The Nightingale" oil on 18x24" canvas. (Inspired by the Trees of Eternity song) Sorry about the bit of glare in the corner. I took this picture before the paint dried. Anyway, I had this dream last week, about riding a bike under a purple moon with nightingale's singing their songs behind me. Everytime I passed a tree, I could see their wings flutter in the shadows. This is somewhat like I saw it. Once I reached the water and saw the reflection, I woke up. 🌠

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Anthony's Sister's Birthday Surprise

This one was so awesome! I absolutely loved painting these beautiful kids. Thanks Anthony Collins for coming to me for the commission piece. You've got a great faimly. It's always a pleasure to paint them.

Best friends are closer than blood...

Thanks Erica Banegas Maldonado for coming to you about this piece. I enjoyed painting them. Sometimes friends are closer than blood, and I know how special your friend is to you. Hope she loves her surprise.

Jeff's Horse

Mixed media, digital, custom painting, applied with acrylic, oils, and pen/ink. Brushes were personally designed for this piece 🖤

Chopper, a good old friend...

"Chopper" Rip (Sold) Mixed media; pen, acrylic, airbrush (tools) and digitally rendered. Took a little over 20 hours. I wanted to wait and share after giving it to them. There's nothing better than giving life to a furry companion. I hope they'll pass it on one day and enjoy it for years. For Donnie Thomas and his Wife.